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The Importance of Technology in the Educational Sector

The importance of technology in our modern world cannot be underscored. Software and gadgets programmed to improve human lives or simplify arduous tasks  are released into the market on a daily basis. Yet this is not the only role played by technology. Technology has a great role to play in the educational sector. And has technology continues to advance, so does its role in education keeps expanding. This article examines the importance of technology in the educational sector.


Technology in Education

Technology provides us with lots of tools and equipment that are deployed in classroom teaching to aid easy assimilation and comprehension. Examples of these equipment include projectors and screens which can be used to teach students that are visual learners. The projection screens are usually fixed in classrooms so that the students can have a view of their notes while instructors carry on with teaching and explanations.

This method also saves the teacher from undergoing the laborious task of having to first write the notes on the board before commencing explanation on the selected topic(s).


Students who seek solutions to academic problems, assignment or equations do not need to run down to the library in search of relevant materials to help them solve the issues, they can as well do so (even in the comfort of their rooms and at midnight) using internet sites such as Wikipedia, Google and many others that concern themselves with providing online solutions for various academic problems.

There also are some useful software that can aid the class curriculum. These software generate quizzes, activities, tests, and sample questions that can assist the students to garner progress in the learning process even when they are not in the classroom.

This also helps them to have a good start when they begin school and it might also help them be ahead of their mates who might not have had access to these facilities. Although there are those who argue that technology spoils the kids and make them lazy. They say, for instance, that rather than sitting to work out calculations by learning how to count, children now prefer to use calculators. But whatever line of argument they people present, it is now a glaring fact that technology has become part and parcel of our everyday existence and we can not live or run away from it. We have only the choice of continual existence in a state of inertia while the world is already zooming into the future.
So we must avoid being stuck in a hopeless past while the world moves towards the inevitable future by introducing technology into our schools and classrooms.

The introduction of technology to the classrooms and schools will ensure that students are fully equipped to face the challenges that might be presented to them by the outside world, a world that has adapted itself to technological trends and innovations. Technology is the reality we live today and it has become an essential aspect of human lives, and education is a pivotal aspect. Technology is of great benefit to students because it presents a wider scope of knowledge and makes them much more productive in the job market. Multiple tools have been introduced to facilitate online education and tuition carried out online.
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What are the Advantages of Bringing Robotics into the Classrooms?

Many young people have developed serious interest in science and technology. This may be because they know that knowledge acquired in the field of science and technology can open up new vista of opportunities. To accelerate their interest in the field, young people need to engage in technology activities that can assist in building a mastery of essential technologies..

The teaching of robotics in the classroom can help students to become application creators, programmers and inventors instead of making them mere users of technology. Robotics will help students to develop a dynamic mindset while also channeling their imaginations and thoughts towards the improvement of human life and existence. Robotics takes students away from the private interface of

This was because as at that time, robotics kits were limited to simple structures and motors and therefore not advanced. Today, they are complicated enough to use a large amount of sensors and motors as well as interface with a desktop computer and can accommodate vigorous programming experience at a much lower or inexpensive cost.

Let us now examine some of the advantages of teaching robotics in the classroom.

a. Sensory Learning

Robotics assists students in sensory learning since its emphasis is on dynamic, hands-on development. It has been so proven that there is the need for a multi-sensory approach in order to activate a larger number of cognitive connections. Robotics engages students physically and emotionally. These are the essential ingredient needed for active learning and superior long term experimental recall.

b. Improved Socialization

The tendency for humans to learn through imitation and observation has always been on the high side. This is a line of thinking that has been found to be true even in today's world. Teamwork and communication are special skills that help to prepare youths against the challenges that will be presented by the world outside the classrooms. Robotics creates challenges that would help improve socialization skills, growth of listening skill, and the ability to evaluate and consider the other viewpoints.

c. Robotics Presents Hands-On Innovation

The fact that computers are programmed with code thereby creating no allowance for innovative ideas and creativity can be very costly to students. This is so because we prepare students to analyze, spell, and remember so many things yet the curriculum fails to provide them with ample opportunities to solve problems, be creative, provide solutions to problems, develop new ideas and innovations. Robotics, on the other hand, offers students great opportunities to coordinate their ideas and articulate them so that they can build their ideas and make a reality out of them.

d. Increased and Rigorous Training

Students must learn to perform at the highest level if they hope to succeed in the 21st century. This can be attained through a process of synthesizing, examining, and evaluation of ideas. When students are able to arrive at the apogee of reasoning, it would become much easier to apply what they have learnt to solving real-world tasks. Thus, the creation of new things cum innovative applications and products becomes easier. This is just some of the few opportunities provided by robotics.

e. Cost-Effective Investment

The supposition that robotics is expensive must be discarded as mere myth. The actual thing is that they vary in cost but are generally non-consumable. Therefore, it is a good investment as it can be utilized for many classes for several years. Although there is still the tendency that it will require regular updates, but this does not outweigh its many advantages. The idea of staying glued to computer screens tend to have adverse effects on children such as headaches, back, neck, and shoulder pain, etc. Robotics, on the other hand, get children up and moving. Robotics helps students to develop various skills.

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